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TESTIMONiAL - ANDY - company director

This client came to me after finding me on social media 

* Pseudonym and Avantar used to protect that identity and anonymity of the client.. 



I approached Helen to assist me with some challenging and frustrating business dynamics. As a result of her knowledge and skill she was able to identify the range of personality types and communication styles and preferences I was dealing with day to day.

This enabled me to communicate more effectively and efficiently and to evoke the responses I needed in order to progress business strategy in a way that significantly reduced my stress. Additionally, Helen helped me to interpret different personality profiles of people I deal with and how to adapt based on the varying behavioural responses of those around me.

The help I received from Helen has had a significant impact on my own business dealings, resulting in me achieving my goals quicker and more succinctly than ever before, ultimately saving me time, money, and stress.

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