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My Story

I started ResolvedRM in 2013 when I took a leap of faith from teaching into the fascinating world of welfare to work.


Through this I was fortunate enough to be immersed in the full remit of people’s life’s challenges and I began to see the real difference I was making in people’s lives. This fired an unwavering passion for helping people overcome even the most challenging of circumstances. I cannot find words sufficient enough to convey my level of passion and commitment to the work I do with you…. I really genuinely care.

After working with everyone from company directors to young people taking their first steps into work, from serious crime prison leavers to career changers,  I was invited to join the coaching team for a company that specialise in strategy and cultural transformation. I absolutely loved it and this broadened my scope and interests and allowed me to utilise my skills in a wider range of contexts, situations and goals.

At whichever level I was coaching, I came to realise that whilst coaching is really powerful and helpful, no amount of coaching will enable people to overcome barriers that have their basis in negative, traumatic experiences. As a result I continued to train, use and add the latest therapeutic modalities into my practice in the form of Brainspotting, which included working with performance enhancement. 

I think the best way for people to know what you're about is to ask the people that experience you through your work. I have been described by my clients as passionate, authentic, genuine, lovely and ‘a god send’ and that I am ‘really bothered for people’.

You can find out more by reading a sample of my testimonials.

It has become my life’s work, passion and mission to become the best that I can at what I do both through my own personal and professional development and practical experience. I walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

The most important thing in looking for a coach and/or therapist is connection. That personal connection and trust in the person you are looking to work with. If you decide to make that call to me you will know whether I'm the person for you. It really is the only way, so why not just make the call and see where it goes. My intention is only for you to find the person for you to help you realise your potential.


Lets connect and see if I feel like the right fit for you. 

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