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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept payments from medical insurance companies?

For the purpose of retaining my autonomy and in order to be able to utilise all of my skills for the benefit of my clients and to provide the best service and care, I have taken the decision to not accept medical insurance as a payment method. 

What are your business hours? 

As morning times are least popular, I take appointments from 11am to 10pm GMT 7 days per week (subject to availability). I am happy to discuss and be flexible beyond these times to facilitate and enable us to meet in the very best circumstances for your unique needs. I want you to be able to access my service whenever is right for your circumstances. 

Where do your appointments take place?

Most often people feel more relaxed in their own environment which is one of the single most important factors in getting a great result. It also helps everyone access my service from wherever they may be. In addition my clients don't have the added stress and cost of travelling to appointments. For these reasons all of my appointments take place on Zoom.  

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