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Gurps came to me after meeting at a training course. 

Gurps owns Intuitive Knowledge and is the creator of the 'SIMPLER Method' which is a successful group life coaching programme that assists people to:
  • Move beyond self doubt and low self worth 

  • Increase confidence and faith 

  • Assist clients to experience more fulfillment, joy and peace

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Where do I begin with how incredibly valuable Helen’s work has been in my life, I actually refer to her as my secret weapon because since 2017 anytime I have felt at my most challenged and stuck, she is someone I have reached out to and I always come away feeling heard, supported, guided and equipped to move beyond whatever it may be.

Let’s begin with where it all started -

I had some extreme limiting beliefs around my ability to learn and study after experiences at school left scars. I was actually scared to learn new things!
Helen quickly reassured me that learning had nothing to do with my ability and everything to do with how I learn and different methods of learning. She was able to ask some questions and take me through processes that helped determine my learning style. This seemingly small and simple thing has changed so much for me personally and professionally. I’ve gone from feeling incompetent and lacking to feeling confident and whole. I’m even a regular student now!

From there I have worked with Helen around limiting beliefs that still crop up when it comes to running a business, or when I run patterns of not showing up for myself to relieving migraines, or understanding relationships. The reason I can go to her about anything that I may be challenged with is because she has an extensive therapeutic skill set. She has so much wisdom and so many tools to help me heal at a deep subconscious level. Her work isn’t about clocking hours and getting you in the door, trust me when I say she offers EXCEPTIONAL value for the level of therapy she provides! Helen’s work is about helping you overcome the obstacles that stop you showing up as your best self. She helps you to see the blind spots that may be adding to your load so you can release them and their pressure.

The lightness and freedom I’ve felt since working with ResolvedRM and Helen is indescribable - it’s allowed me to release old emotions, old patterns. It’s helped me to understand myself at a deeper level to help me shed the weighty layers that I’d been carrying around for two decades. That itself is beyond priceless!

If you’re looking for someone who just “get’s you", who just "get’s it”, book in some time with Helen. She has an innate capability to help you shift perspective and locate the tools WITHIN yourself to help you feel better, different and empowered. That is why she is my secret weapon - she understands the human condition and helps you understand it too. She is a master of supporting you with no nonsense, yet compassionate and empathic direction.

I’m utterly grateful for your support and guidance Helen

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