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This client came to me following a referral from a local social enterprise business. 

* Pseudonym and Avantar used to protect that identity and anonymity of the client.. 



I went to see Helen to help with chronic migraine headaches. After losing my job and going through almost 3 years of tests, scans, medicine, pain blocker injections, physio and stress reduction, it was suggested to me that the pain could be as a result of PTSD. After 5 months of regular therapy sessions with Helen, using a mix of Brainspotting, life coaching and counselling, I got to a point of vastly reduced pain and frequency, to the point that I could begin to enjoy life again and feel more of myself. Helen has been a huge help and was able to put me at ease immediately. I would not hesitate to recommend her for similar therapies. Thank you Helen.


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