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Rav came to me after participating in a Masterclass that I was leading. 

Rav runs NeetNutrition a successful coaching business that assists people to:

  • Feel healthier, fitter and happier about the way you eat and look.

  • Quit the emotional and boredom eating that's sabotaging your health goals.

  • Understand nutrition so you're confident in your food choices and cooking

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 I almost immediately connected with Helen over a zoom call for someone else's masterclass. I trust myself to follow energy and I am so glad I did.

You see Helen has lived experience, professional experience and a magic wand. What I mean by this, a brain mapping tool that helped (still helping) me in ways I will try my best to explain.

Before Helen I was;
- overwhelmed and felt like I was chasing my tail against the sand timer of 24 hours
- I'd lost how to apply the "tools" I have learned in the past; journal, mediate, walk etc
- my brain was 100 miles per hour. I was coming up against subconscious limiting beliefs I couldn't access

During our journey
- Helen is the exact level of direct that clicks. She lands the message where its needed!
- We reflected on where I was and where "I am" on a weekly basis
- You aren't "left to it" - Helen supports you throughout AND after.
- She supports you with ANY challenges that arise whilst on the journey - you can take that "fight with my boss" to her and navigate the emotions and meaning.

Helen's process to get started is clear and professional. You know where you stand. You are "held" through it.

Value for money - you get what you put in (only 60 mins of the session are required and you're not "capped" - Helen flows with what's needed).
What cost can you associate to freedom?
That's what I got back. Clarity. Calmer mind. Ability to see my reality by SLOWING down without fearing that slowing down would somehow derail my business and life.

Where I am now:
I'm able to see life clearer. To live with my eyes wide open and no egg timer stressing me out. School runs are no longer "my day is over" moments. I can actually live aligned to my values which means my days, hours, minutes feel more valuable and in alignment to the life I want to live.

Here's the magic part:
- I unblocked beliefs re certain relationships with family members so that I don't have continuous internal conflict about meeting people or not.
- I was able to grieve and let go of so many traumas that were somehow holding me back. I was able to grieve for the passing of my grandparents which I hadn't been able to do as a child. This was so liberating for me. To honour them and who I am.

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